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Reflections by leayana Reflections :iconleayana:leayana 2 2 Livewire by leayana Livewire :iconleayana:leayana 2 2 Birthday Balloon by leayana Birthday Balloon :iconleayana:leayana 2 2 Tails by leayana Tails :iconleayana:leayana 9 14 For Vegi by leayana For Vegi :iconleayana:leayana 2 6 Happy Birthday Ariah by leayana Happy Birthday Ariah :iconleayana:leayana 4 2 Happy Birthday Marie by leayana Happy Birthday Marie :iconleayana:leayana 6 2 7th Anni OFA by leayana 7th Anni OFA :iconleayana:leayana 1 4 Birthday Splash by leayana Birthday Splash :iconleayana:leayana 4 6 Tjuh the Birthday Girl! by leayana Tjuh the Birthday Girl! :iconleayana:leayana 3 2 Happy Belated Birthday Mree by leayana Happy Belated Birthday Mree :iconleayana:leayana 2 2 Happy birthday Ariah! by leayana Happy birthday Ariah! :iconleayana:leayana 3 2 HBD Synth! by leayana HBD Synth! :iconleayana:leayana 0 0 Happy birthday Auswren! by leayana Happy birthday Auswren! :iconleayana:leayana 5 5
Midnight Rambles
Midnight Rambles
SpAce and StaRs aNd pRity drEemS
FaSinaTe Me
GHosts And MAIRs of the niTe
ScaRe Me
WheN day coMes I no tHat thaiR will bEe litE anD I will LanD baCk on eaRTh and I will beE safe
Space and Stars and Pretty Dreams
Fascinate Me
Ghost and Mares of the Night
Scare Me
When Day Comes I Know That There Will be Light and I Will Land Back on Earth and I Will be Safe
Space, stars, and pretty dreams fascinate me.
Ghosts and mares of the night scare me.
When day comes, I know that there will be light, and I will land back on Earth and I will be safe.
and pretty little dreams
Fascinate me.
Droplets of my hopes and my wishes
that dangle in the sky.
But the ghosts and the mares that dance in the night
wish to take it all away
Cover it with despair and shroud it with fear.
To fight my battle against the dark
I climb
As the sun does when it breaks.
The rays bright and the warmth a blanket
that leaves room to breathe.
Land safely
From the world of my mind that drifts ceaseles
:iconleayana:leayana 3 3
There was once a mother with three daughters
named Joy, Hope, and Faith.
When she was sad her daughter Joy would say
"Do not cry, for I will bring you Joy."
But she only shook her head.
When she was in despair her daughter Hope would say
"Do not despair, for I will bring you Hope."
But she only shook her head.
When she was afraid her daughter Faith would say
"Do not fear, for I will bring you Faith."
But she only shook her head.
"What you do not know," she said, "is my guilt."
"It is no sadness, despair, or fear - but all of them.
Tears could never express my sorrow
Shame would never leave me
Regrets and pain are endless..."
"But why do you feel guilty/'
"My dearest daughters - that is who I am."
:iconleayana:leayana 3 0


Warm cat by Alliot-art Warm cat :iconalliot-art:Alliot-art 179 22 The Lookout Dragon by Kamakru The Lookout Dragon :iconkamakru:Kamakru 255 32 Love by Pawlove-Arts Love :iconpawlove-arts:Pawlove-Arts 126 37 Sunlight by Pawlove-Arts Sunlight :iconpawlove-arts:Pawlove-Arts 236 25 Happiness is born here by KameRim Happiness is born here :iconkamerim:KameRim 145 5 The whisper of the wind, the sound of the sea by little-one-girl The whisper of the wind, the sound of the sea :iconlittle-one-girl:little-one-girl 43 28 Strawberry Cake by strawberrycake Strawberry Cake :iconstrawberrycake:strawberrycake 137 13 Wonderland by yuumei Wonderland :iconyuumei:yuumei 10,322 214
Love is letting go
I hate you sometimes/
Why do you always say NO/
Why do you alway have to stomp on my dreams/
Why do you alway have to belittle my ideas/
Why do you always have to go poke the miniscule cracks and flaws/
in my shiny new dreams//
Why are you so stubborn/
why do you think you are always right/
why can't you put on my glasses and see it like me/
why do you think you are always right//
It's breaking my heart/
I need your support and love/
but everytime we try to talk it just errupts into shouting matches/
I wish I could show you how I really feel//
Please understand/
I need freedom and space to grow/
Baby birds need to leave the nest and learn to fly/
And sometimes love means letting go//
I know you love me/
But in your eyes I am still that 5 year old girl/
Wake up and see time has passed by//
Don't tell me that it's impossible/
Can you just believe in me this once/
Trust my decisions/
Why can't you have faith in me//
I know what I need to do/
I know who I am/
I know where to go/
:iconmercurial-phoenix:mercurial-phoenix 2 0
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by toi-re

The assignment was kind of random, but what you did with it is pretty amazing! The perspective is really nice on the pen and on the gir...

I feel like critiquing (or avoiding homework...) You're really amazing at drawing puffy/baggy clothing and making them look NICE. The d...

This may be my last critique, so I shall critique! My favourite part of this piece is the colouring, it's fantastic! The blending of th...

The designing of the girl is free flowing, especially the sleeves and hem. And the way you were able to embed the patterns and also to ...



leayana watching you!
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My goodness! But actually - it's been so long!!! What is this CORE thing?? I have no idea!

Anyways - I just wanted to say hey guys, I'm alive and well. And stuff.
I don't really plan on becoming more active, I mean - life has been hectic busy for me, so I don't really have time. I do miss drawing though, so I think every now and then I might just bring back a picture or something. I want to draw again... so I think I'll try and practice. And if something I like comes, now and again, I'll upload it!

I cleaned up my watcher's list and everything - hopefully this will keep my inbox a bit cleaner so when I get the chance, I can see what everyone's been up to!

Merry 2016!



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Twilightgirl12 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
   Happy Birthday!   
leayana Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016
Thank you <3!!!!
Twilightgirl12 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem! :)
Twilightgirl12 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday! :party: Hope you had a great day!
leayana Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2016
Thank you!!! I know this is coming forever late - but thank you!!!
Twilightgirl12 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, no problem! I'm always late messaging people. X3 
sworndestiny Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014
LOL, I am logging in for the first time in like a year, and I wanted to come by your page and just say hi! :) Ahaha!  Adulthood has destroyed me and my schedule, but it doesn't change that I miss you.  Lmaoamoamlmalololol :heart:
leayana Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014
Aha, hello!!!!!!! It's been a really long time! I'm not on here very often either. But I miss you too! How have you been?! I'm assuming you're on holiday break right now?
sworndestiny Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014
:)! I'm doing really well!  I actually just graduated college and I have a job down in San Diego now!  I'm still doing research, and I'm a technician doing rheumatoid arthritis research right now.  Things were slowing down a bit around the holiday season, which is when I thought of visiting dA!  How about you, how are things going?! :) 
leayana Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015
No wayyyyyyyyyyy that sounds amazing! Congratulations on graduating and getting a job! Wow, that just blows my mind, it's so cool!! I'm in my third year of university (which I guess is Canadian-equivalent to American college) and I graduate next year! I'm hoping to go to grad school and do some research myself ^^.

How crazy is your job?! That just sounds so crazy cool!
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