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by toi-re

The assignment was kind of random, but what you did with it is pretty amazing! The perspective is really nice on the pen and on the gir...

Carrot? by cartoongirl7

I feel like critiquing (or avoiding homework...) You're really amazing at drawing puffy/baggy clothing and making them look NICE. The d...

tatara kogasa touhou by kittyhazel

This may be my last critique, so I shall critique! My favourite part of this piece is the colouring, it's fantastic! The blending of th...

Ember by cartoongirl7

The designing of the girl is free flowing, especially the sleeves and hem. And the way you were able to embed the patterns and also to ...


Tails by leayana
My guinea pig, Tails, passed away today.

I had this drawing in my head for a really long time, and I thought it was a good idea to finally go through with it.

I used to take her out to run around while I studied or read a book, and she would love to stand on my book and just stick her face up into the air, sniffing. She was also a complete sweetheart and would give me kisses on the nose. It's heartbreaking knowing that she won't be doing that anymore.

Whenever I had horrible days, just getting to pet her made my day, even if she gave me a ton of sass. She was such a princess and was so picky with everything - from food to how I placed her furniture, to where she would sleep. 

I love her so, so much, and I don't know where she is now, I just hope she's in a place where she's happy and not alone. I wasn't home very often in her final days, and I wish I was. I don't want to think she died feeling lonely. 

May she rest in peace.
For Vegi by leayana
For Vegi
I drew this over the weekend, but it's for my dear friend :iconblockeriino:.

She's going through a really rough time so I drew a picture of her Pony OC Dandy (as a human because I'm quite bad at drawing lately) because I wanted her to know that she's awesome. 

Just sending you a lot of love and I hope your life sorts itself out!
Happy Birthday Ariah by leayana
Happy Birthday Ariah
Happy birthday to my awesome friend :iconwhite-angel-ariah:!!

I tried to draw her Character Turiia but turns out that her character is really hard to draw (mainly because her design is so fantastic), so I'm sorry I butchered her =(
It probably would've been better if I could've drawn it digitally, but alas - pencil! I also never appreciated how clean your pencil sketches are and how well you shade in pencil until now, I am really impressed!

Anywho - I hope you have a fantastic birthday and your year is full of awesome times and people (and food)!!!

Happy birthday!

Art ©leayana
Turiia ©white-angel-ariah
Happy Birthday Marie by leayana
Happy Birthday Marie
Happy birthday to :iconmree:!!!!! This is a polar bear from Fuzz Academy and Day from her amazing Trilogy Legend! 

I have to admit, I am a huge fan of my polar bear, hahaha...

Anywho - I had finished Champion, the last book of her trilogy, back in May and I never left a comment - I just have to say you couldn't have written a better story! I had no idea how you were going to continue it from Prodigy, but it was just fantastic. And it was extraordinarily creative!


And of course, I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Art ©leayana
Fuzz Academy and Legend Trilogy ©mree


leayana watching you!
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Hello everyone!

It has been several months! I deleted most of my comments because I don't think I'll have the time to catch up on that, and I won't be commenting on any previous deviantART posts.
BUT I AM FINALLY BACK and I plan on getting back on track with commenting, favouriting, and drawing! Or writing, or whatever happens to happen.

I hope a lot of good things have happened to people since I've been gone - since what, October? Something like that? I remain to ve extremely busy so I'll unlikely be super active, but a slow and sure re-introduction to deviantart!


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sworndestiny Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014
LOL, I am logging in for the first time in like a year, and I wanted to come by your page and just say hi! :) Ahaha!  Adulthood has destroyed me and my schedule, but it doesn't change that I miss you.  Lmaoamoamlmalololol :heart:
leayana Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014
Aha, hello!!!!!!! It's been a really long time! I'm not on here very often either. But I miss you too! How have you been?! I'm assuming you're on holiday break right now?
sworndestiny Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014
:)! I'm doing really well!  I actually just graduated college and I have a job down in San Diego now!  I'm still doing research, and I'm a technician doing rheumatoid arthritis research right now.  Things were slowing down a bit around the holiday season, which is when I thought of visiting dA!  How about you, how are things going?! :) 
leayana Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015
No wayyyyyyyyyyy that sounds amazing! Congratulations on graduating and getting a job! Wow, that just blows my mind, it's so cool!! I'm in my third year of university (which I guess is Canadian-equivalent to American college) and I graduate next year! I'm hoping to go to grad school and do some research myself ^^.

How crazy is your job?! That just sounds so crazy cool!
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white-angel-ariah Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
happy birthday lea! >v</ Sorry i'm a little late but here's your present ^u^  white-angel-ariah.deviantart.c…
leayana Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014
blockeriino Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday! ;v; I'll try and get a present done as soon as possible <3
leayana Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014

Thank you <3
BritishMuffin Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014
Happy Birthday~! *sprinkles confetti* <3
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